About Us

KMRC JETS  was founded by Ken Mollison in 2010 after an industrial accident left Ken unable to continue his career in the construction Industry. The general  idea was for a small hobby business, dealing in spare parts for Radio Control Model Jets. Ken’s interest in Radio Control Jets started in 1988, which is those days involved Ducted Fan Models.  With a hiatus of several years,  Ken now had the time to pursue his keen interest in the hobby, but this time, his interest was Turbine Powered Jets. In  2011, after Ken’s  investigative nature led him to the attributes of the Kingtech range of Turbines and with the Taiwan manufacturers permission,  KingTech Turbines Australia was formed and we are now  the leading Australia Distributor of KingTech Turbines throughout Australia.  KingTech Turbines are the only turbines that Ken will deal with and indeed, use,  in his own  collection of Jet models. KMRC JETS  are  the Australian Dealer for DER JET MODELS and actively fly their  DH VAMPIRE  Jet Model powered by a KingTech 100G. Such is the interest of Jet Models, we also import FALCON models which can be brought from KMRC JETS for a minimal cost and are a great way to introduce the novice Jet flyer into the world of Jets. With Ken’s enthusiasium for the sport , KMRC JETS participate in most of the Australian Jet Events throughout the year not only in Victoria but interstate as well.  KMRC JETS and KingTech Turbines Australia aim to source products that offer good value for money. Our active involvement in Aerosport, means that we have an extensive network of clients, associates & friends  who assist us in keeping up with trends and technological advancements in this growing hobby.   KMRC JETS posts on our Facebook page attract local & overseas interest and we welcome any of your comments or postings. Thankyou for visiting our website, and if we can be of any assistance to you, please contact us.